Monday, March 30, 2009

{life as of late}

holy macarol, i can't believe this week begins the month of april. where did march go? or february for that matter? what?!

anyways, life has been pretty fast paced for the beers. school weeks always feel like they are going SO slow, but then all of the sudden it's midterms and spring break.

the most random event in our little life has been that we planted some vegetables this weekend. growing up, my dad always kept a pretty decent size garden. one of my favorite annual events was going down to the barn to help him set up the rows and plant the seeds. you might be wondering how we managed to plant vegetables when we live in a second-story, one-bedroom apartment: sin-balcony. exactly.

jason has been reading all kinds of organic propaganda lately; namely Wendell Berry and Shane Claiborne . a few weeks ago he clandestinely started hiding food scraps in plastic baggies to start a compost pile, but i protested soley because of our lack of open air. he always wanted to get some worms, but i again was a party pooper. finally on saturday we went to a local thrift store and bought some pots, seeds, and soil.

we planted some lavender in the bedroom windowsill..

some basil & cilantro in the living room windowsill...

some zinnia flowers in the other living room windowsill...

and lettuce, beefsteak tomatoes, and green beans in the kitchen windowsill...

one plus is that our kitchen windows actually have little plant-holders built on the outside, so once it gets warm out we will probably be able to situate them there. although it's just a few potted plants, it's nice to feel like we're not completely surrounded by cement. second to missing family & friends is missing walking on grass and seeing large open fields.

so i'm hoping to be able to boast that we are seeing sprouts within the next couple of weeks. until then, jason vigilantly checks each pot every couple of hours to see if anything is stirring.

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