Friday, February 11, 2011

{shouts of joy}

I may need to work on my reactions.

Two days ago, Ave used his right hand instead of his left hand. For the first time.

I yelled, "Good job!!!!"

Yesterday, the little booger took a piece of cereal in his fingers, brought it up to his mouth, and ate it. All by himself.

I shouted, "YES!" and then burst into tears.

Both times, the buddy's eyes widened like a spooked little owl, and he spent a couple seconds deciding if he was going to cry or laugh. Luckily he chose the latter, and we had quite the gigglefest afterwords. Regardless, I probably need to tone down my excitement over new accomplishments, at least as far as my volume is concerned.

Otherwise, the next time he starts to try something new he'll probably stop and think,

"Well, I really want to crawl over there and gnaw on that shoe. But if I do, that crazy lady will probably get all worked up and make a big scene about it. I should probably just stay here."

Avram, redecorating the living room for me


it's me, betsy said...


Can he hear the shouts of joy from Fort Wayne? Hope I didn't scare him!

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah!!! You go Av!!!!