Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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A dear family friend, Sandy Thorn Clark, came to Jason & me a couple months ago. She knew all about Avram's little journey so far and wanted to write a story about him for the Chicago Sun Times. Sandy felt that our story was worth sharing, that it might offer other people a little bit of hope this Christmas.

We agreed.

This morning, I woke up to see the Little Buddy's face in the newspaper. He's just so dreamy. Usually it's really exciting to see your name in print, to be featured in the newspaper. It feels like such a big deal, you know?

But to be honest, a big part of me wishes that Avram didn't already have a story worth being told in print, that his 8 months of life weren't extraordinary enough to be featured in a major newspaper. If I could have any say in it, I would rather he live a very normal, very quiet life as a baby.

But Someone had other plans.

And if someone can read this article today and be reminded to see a little bit of good amidst all the junk in the world, if an expecting mother can read this and find peace, if someone who was just handed a bad diagnosis can find some comfort and hope, if Avram can read this years from now and how special he is... then I'm pretty ok with it.

Click here to read the article online, or be a good Chicagoan and pick up a print edition while you're out Christmas shopping today.

Sandy, you did a beautiful job. Thank you for helping us tell our story.


Anonymous said...

AMEN! Your faith is amazing! God is Amazing! Have a wonderful Christmas with your miracle baby!

From the Kitchen said...

I just read the article on baby Avram in our local (Post-Tribune) paper and wanted to stop by and wish you all the very best in living with and loving Avram. He is adorable! Let the joy of him continue to be your guide. I hope that he writes the book on how wonderful a life he can lead even with his diagnosis.


Anne-Marie Gallagher said...

You are a beautiful, beautiful person.

I just read the article in the paper. I'm crying. And I'm not even a crybaby!

You and your husband have maturity beyond your years. Baby Avram is blessed to have you as his parents. You are right to have faith and believe, believe, believe. My husband has neurofibromatotis (the "Elephant Man's disease") which affects the appearance of one hand. I don't even notice it. We've been happily married for 21 years and he is brilliant, creative, successful, published, has won the Illinois art award and may more, vs. what the "experts" all warn about-- developmental disabilities, cognitive disabilities, organ problems, etc. etc. Thank God he had good and brave parents who didn't listen, who questioned the idea of the necessity of "perfection" and who always loved him and ecouraged him.

Your baby is a beautiful, beautiful boy. With your positive guidance, he will bring others joy. People will be glad he exists. Maybe some lucky woman will be like me and find who soul mate.

Kath on WW said...

I'm a parent of a schizencephaly kid as well - Alex turned 12 back in July!

These kids will constantly amaze us.

There is a support group of parents of kids with Schiz at Yahoogroups.

All the best for you and Avram!


Jeni Bell said...

this is wonderful...thanks for sharing! praise God Cassie!

Betsy King said...

Such a wonderful article!

If you have any extras, I would love one. I didn't realize they used the photo I took so big! Can't wait to see it!


Karen said...

Cassie andJason,
My name is Karen and I have a 6 year old son with the same diagnosis as Avram. We didn't have the good fortune of knowing about Liam's disability until he was 9 months old. My husband and I are volunteers with the NODCC (National Organization for Disorders of the Corpus Callosum
) and we are regional family partnership leaders. We would like to talk with you, meet you, and share our story with you. The journey is hard but we have learned so much and God's grace has been amazing. He has brought us in contact with so many wonderful people. Liam has taught us compasion, persistence and unconditional love. We hope to hear from you. You can contact me at