Thursday, December 30, 2010


Monday morning, Avram and I woke up, ate breakfast,  and drove to my friend Jenn's house.

And then he had a seizure.

The world stopped.

Getting bad news while I was pregnant was scary. Watching Ave sleep in the NICU was scary. Brain surgery was scary.

But this was no longer a baby we were just starting to get to know. This was our baby now. Our guy. The Little Buddy. The Drool Monster. Our son.

And it took "scary" to a whole new level.

We are home now, and Avram genuinely seems like his normal, charming self. Wakes up laughing and smiling, is putting away solids like it's his job, still propped-sitting and rolling over, sleeping well. We still don't know what caused the seizure, so we are a little on edge.

Thank you all for the emails, visits, messages, texts, and calls; thank you even more for your prayers. At first I felt so defeated knowing this beautiful article had just been published, and thousands of people had just heard Avram's testimony. I felt like his miraculous story had been tainted, stolen from him. But I slowly realized that Ave now has a support network numbering in the thousands, he has people praying for him all over the country. What the enemy has meant for destruction, surely the Lord is now working out for Good, for Healing, for Peace.

I could retell the story scene by scene, but to be honest I am exhausted: mentally, physically, emotionally...and all I have to say is that, in the blink of an eye, a lot of things that once seemed like a big deal were no longer important. Gift cards, new clothes, party plans, feeling plump from too many goodies, hurt feelings, blog hits, family feuds...suddenly nothing in the world mattered except one thing:

Our baby.

Heading into the New Year, we have our baby--still healthy, still happy, still here--so we have everything we need. We are still waiting, still watching, still hoping, still believing. And in the mean time, we have everything we need.


Ave sleeping in the hospital


Mary Jo Eastom said...

PTL! God is our healer and He is the giver of life! You are in my prayers! Love, Mary Jo Eastom

Netta said...

Cassie, You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself. We're rejoicing with you... LOVE YOU and continue to pray for all of you.